Game Maker Creations

Ninth Edition

Welcome back to another week of amazing content and a little added bonus! This time around we have not one but two creators for this epic game experience!

A Week Two Creators

By now you know the drill so let’s dive into our creators’ introduction:

Meet Vladimir

& Liudmila

“We are experienced visual developers in game industry. We love pixels, polygons and voxels. Also, we love to develop games. As independent producers we are developing indie games. In The Sandbox we see ourselves as players and creators who want to create some cool voxel stuff for the best metaverse in the world ever”

Well, you heard it from our creators, without wanting to brag we do have a great metaverse if I do say so myself, with great upcoming game experiences such as:

“Tombs of Treasures” is an action platform-adventure walking simulator.

This experience focuses on the adventures of the great spelunker Liu Fogel who arrived in the hidden city placed in The Sandbox jungle biome to find the first treasure. Explore deep underground. Dig tunnels and remember to avoid traps as there are many of them…

Swim and explore above or below water to find secret places.

Chop through thickets and bushes with your machete while climbing ropes and ladders.

Explore all corners and secret places. Use platforms and jump pads, to move forward. Get a key and find the treasure. Oh and try to stay alive… if you can

Now that we know more about the gameplay, why don’t we take a look at what avatars and NPCs will be populating it!

Fun jungle citizens

There are high climbable trees. Undercover in the jungle nature

Teethy piranhas

Polly wants a cracker

Beautiful (and probably) dangerous crocodile. No jungles are crocodile-less.

A piece of jungle fauna

The classic Golden Key


P.s. If you are a Landowner, click below to find The Sandland the community created by our creator Vladimir!

Let’s meet up again next week for another game experience that will surely blow our collective minds!

Stay awesome