Game Maker Creations

Sixth edition

We are back with new content and new creations!

A Week A Creator

This week for our sixth edition we are introducing another artist from our Fund! The game experience that will are introducing this week is:

This game experience is created by none other than our artist William Santacruz!

Before we dive further into this game experience let’s first read a few words from him:

Hello everyone, my name is William Santacruz. I'm a 3D colombian artist who likes to tell stories and make art for video games. Since I was a child I used to watch cowboys and Old West movies. All the amazing stories of brave daredevils who defend justice.

In this western adventure, our adventurer friend Tomas faces a major quest, he ought to uncover all the clues to resolve a crime in a town where nothing is as it seems and no-one knows anything.

Very suspicious indeed…

Embark on this adventure in the middle of the old town and enforce the law.

Yeehaw let’s take our horses to the Wild Wide West and watch the full behind the scenes of this game experience:


Here are some more creatives that we could share across our social medias and among our community at large.

“It has been a wonderful experience watching my voxel creations come to life in the Game Maker.”

For all our budding creators here is some sound advice to take into consideration when creating your game experiences.

“I first designed the NPCs and decorations such as carts and boxes using VoxEdit. I recommend for all the artists to use references to make your creations (create mood boards) so that they can be faithful renditions.”

All the Black Town Old West game experience was created following that process.

That’s all for this experience, let’s meet again soon with another creator and a brand new game experience!